Less Of The Labels

Man am I tired of hearing what the intellectual world and some Muslims think a Western person who adopts Islam as a way of life, should be called.  I am not a Convert and certainly no Revert! I happen to be a human being who believes in one God and the original Jewish, Christian and Islamic scriptures, making me a Muslim, I don’t need an additional label to clarify or categorise me further.

Two Years In The Making

I've just sneaked off away from my little one to my small work space upstairs, while she entertains herself with a puzzle so I can talk to you guys a little bit about my latest project.. MODESTLY my Book.  Yes Mama I'm officially an author, something I never thought I could say! Much like now,…

How Modest are we though?

 I turned 29 the other week and I’m pregnant with baby no2. I mention being pregnant just incase all of my emotions can be excused due to that. I have to be honest with you the run up to my birthday I was dreading it. Not that I ever really do anything for it or…


Hi guys, welcome to the introduction of my 4 part series exploring #YourAverageMuslim. A short series I've ben working on for a while now as my work as an ambassador for the Creators For Change programme run by Youtube. I'm pretty tired of constantly being praised for 'breaking the stereotype' just because I'm a Muslim…


The other week I got a message from an old friend Dian Pelangi (most of you will know her, a very successful Indonesian Fashion designer.) She very kindly invited me to her show in Paris in order to show my support and have a general catch up! It's been a few years since we saw each other last! There was about four days left for the show and usually this is too short notice for me to travel what with having a toddler and meetings booked weeks in advance. Originally I was busy the day she would showcase so I politely declined, but was pretty gutted to miss it. Thankfully a few days later my original plans were cancelled and I'm not sure what I'd been eating but I decided to message Dian there and then to let her know that I could now make it! Bear in mind this was literally the night before her show, and for me that's pretty last minute! I was only planning on going for a quick day trip on the eurostar and decided to bring my younger bro Hassan to keep me company, he's a pretty LIT lad. LOL


Most of you will be familiar with my rants every now and then, be it in vlogs, instagram captions or a little write up, and now I'm about to embark on another little bit of controversy regarding men, right here on this page. BTW I only say 'controversy' because people seem to get very sensitive…


Todays post is all about makeup, or the lack thereof during this month of Ramadan. It's not because I've suddenly become more religious, or suddenly decided that makeup is a big fat sin, it's simply because I have no energy for anything, let alone my face, you'll be glad to know. On that note, can we stop…


A couple of months back I introduced you to X Jewellery and showed you my custom bracelet that had me feeling all kinds of nostalgia. For today's post we're taking another look and showing you how I went about reinventing my bracelet by chopping and changing the links.


Hi guys, today I'm following up my recent video with a little post all about how I'm really trying to get fit and healthy recently. As you guys know, I'm finding it very difficult to lose weight whilst I'm breastfeeding Hana because the CRAVINGS are real. Naturally I've put on a bit of weight during…


If you've been following my blogs for a while, you'll know that granny Judy lives in Cornwall, Bude & I do enjoy visiting from time to time. Since having Hana, 4 & a half months ago, I'm craving a break. Since I'm too chicken to get on a plane with her yet, this is the…


I've come across the term 'postnatal depression' also known as 'postpartum depression' so many times, and more during my pregnancy than ever. Skimming through various info snippets here and there on all the pregnancy and maternity websites that I found myself glued to on most nights during my third trimester! Never really giving it much thought,…


So me and Sid the Squid went on a short break to Paris with another couple friend of ours Radwa and Marwan! It was lovely, we stayed in a two bedroom apartment we booked on air bnb! Did the usual touristy stuff but most of all just relaxed!


I turned 1/4 of a century on June 6th and so did my twin obvsss. Twas a distressing time, but the zoo helped me take my mind off it , haha.

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