October Favourites

With Autumn in full swing and Winter just around the corner, it's time to get those layers out! Comfy and warm doesn't mean frumpy and unstylish. With layering being a key trend this year, along with mix match prints and textures, it's never been easier to put together a stylish look with your own spin…

Cat walk Looks for Less

If you’ve not already noticed, leopard print has been dominating the fashion world lately. We can’t deny that we ourselves, are obsessed OR certainly know someone who is. From textured Zebra Print, to abstract Leopards, the high street is raging in jungle fever and offering some of the feistiest pieces this season. It doesn’t get…

Fashion Week, Modest Perspective

With Fashion Week coming to a close, its that time to look back at some of the best looks from each city. Modest fashion is ever growing within the current fashion climate, and with the influence of social platforms the fashion world seems to be drifting into a new demographic. There are still many misconceptions…


Lately I've been thinking a lot about fashion, especially since fashion month has recently ended and we've been bombarded with fashion fashION FASHION for the last few weeks or so all over our instagram feeds. Okay I admit I did take part in the 'shove it down your throats' fashion feed content during LFW but at…


The story of todays post is a simple one. Plain & simple, much like a classic margherita pizza. I was making my way to one of our newly found favourite pizza spots, ended up in the bank for an hour and then didn't have time to actually get my beloved pizza. Went home with no pizza,…


Recently I haven't shut up about my love for sweaters & jumpers so I'm sure you're all aware by now that the love is real. There's just something so effortless and versatile about them, I find myself grabbing one to wear with most things everyday. Generally I'll buy them at least two sizes too big for…


I'm one of those people that generally don't suit jumpsuits but I love them and always imagine wearing them just never actually do. Until today that is. Just a bit of background information for you, I bought this particular one last winter in the Christmas sales from Jack Wills (literally the only piece I own…


So it's been a while not going to lie I've neglected this blog for a few months and I am actually feeling awful about it. Almost like a 'fake'. How can I put 'blogger' in the bio's of all of my social media platform but not actually do any blogging? URGHHH! Oh well, I'm back…


In todays post I'm sharing the love. In light of the new H&M Autumn Collection Campaign that aims to spotlight strong, fearless and independent woman by questioning femininity and showcasing women who are reclaiming and redefining what it means to be #LadyLike for themselves.


It's been circulating ALL of my social media platform feeds ALL week, the news that Dolce & Gabbana's line of abbayas and scarves is set to release October 2016, so it's only polite for me to address it I suppose! I feel like I should be happy, ecstatic even, perhaps eternally grateful? That's what seems to be the general reaction to this news so far. But, I can't help but feel incredibly underwhelmed, possibly even a tiny bit insulted by the collection.


Ignore my socket plug things, this is me using my wall for outfit pictures when it's too dark and rainy to take them outside. UK bloggers you know what it's like. Onto outfit details, 'those levis that give you thighs' is what comes to mind. Not that I needed anymore thighs, however I've been waiting to wear these high waist levis vintage jeans ever since getting pregnant and my bump arrival.


DIY This look's all about that tweedy waterfall waistcoat we made together in my most recent youtube video. In case you missed it, I'll stick it down the bottom of this post so you can find out how to make your own.


How'd you like pink? I like it, I like it A LOT. Especially when it's dusted pink, in fact dusted anything I love. I also love these textured HM scarves I can't seem to stop wearing, btw they've just released a new maroon/copper colour (I'll be posting a look with it soon obvs).


February 2015 I launched my debut clothing collection 'Dina Torkia' now sold out Hamdulilah. I spent a year working on with my husband Sid, back and forth to indonesia monitoring the manufactering process and working on the media for the launch of the collection.  I've just come across some BTS shots that Alessia Gammaorta (photographer…


A while back I filmed and put together a little DIY tutorial on how to make a basic maxi kaftan kimono for beginners. A very basic & hopefully easy step by step guide on making this super versatile wardrobe staple to add to your wardrobe! Below you can see me styling mine..