Top tips for travelling with kids

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Tips for travelling with kids

Here are a few tips I’ve learnt the hard way over time.

  1. It’s very important to take into account the timing of the flight. We used to just book flights based on cheaper options but more ridiculously it had to be daytime so we could take awesome pictures in daylight. (Blogger life) Obviously we got away with it when it was only Kian (our first born) but since having Noah (our most recent bundle of joy), we have to make sure that at least Kian’s schedule isn’t interrupted on a long flight as it makes things during the flight and then on the holiday more manageable.
  2. LOTS AND LOTS of screen time and FOOD (snacks, sweets, etc) will save your life! Literally whatever they’re not allowed to have on land, they’re officially allowed to have on air. I thought I could follow through with ‘good parenting’ on the plane and quickly realised it’s better not to piss off other passengers. Literally a passenger said to me “I didn’t pay for business class to hear your children scream, keep them quiet.”
  3. With two kids I’ve found that the less you carry on-board the easier your life to be honest. We used to have hand luggage, a back pack, a hand bag, a nappy bag, Kian’s bag and THE IRRESISTIBLE GOD FORSAKEN HEAVY AS EFF DUTY FREE BAG! Omg our trip back from Mauritius was a nightmare. DON’T DO IT!! Realistically if you can put all of your gear and then you have the big diaper bag for kids food and their change of clothes.. then you’re good.
  4. Packing well in advance of the trip saves you a lot of hassle. For most trips I have never managed to finish packing until the morning of and then I’m running around like a stressed out chicken. But the times that I’ve packed early, I’ve been in a better mental state.
  5. Go to bed early the night before and just be mentally and physically prepared. It’s always fun when you arrive at the destination (sometimes, not always let’s be honest) although the memories are always worth it!

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  1. Cheryl

    February 4, 2019 5:51 am

    Some great advice here. Love this family. Will remember this for when I go away in the next few months with my lil one

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