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Slowly getting a little sick of colours. It happens every once in a while, and when you see the black wave below, you know it has indeed, happened. 'The getting sick' that is. It's also surprisingly quite warm pairing jersey midi skirts with thick tights you know, compared to my baggy jeans anyway. Nothing special coming at you today, just a plain black handy look suitable for many of us accustomed to dressing 'modestly'.

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It's not a colour I'd usually consider for a coat, but when you find something in the SALE, it sort of changes your rules a little. I'm talking about this very PINK and VERY creased coat I picked up in H&M over the xmas holidays! Why I didn't iron this I'm yet to provide an excuse. It does look larger than the usual oversized even, but then again it is a size 18. You know what I'm like when it comes to getting things WAY too big. Even so, it's keeping me warm so far all the way down to my ankles. So I'm not even slightly worried about the extra pair of hips it's giving me in pictures!


So if you watch my youtube videos you'll know what this post is about, and be equally EGG CITED with me! Recently I had the most perfect opportunity come along my way to collaborate on a little styling project with LIBERTY LONDON. I was super excited, for reasons that are so obvious they do not need explaining, hah! No seriously, my sister and I LOVE Liberty and their fabric prints, so what perfect combination than to style one of their printed scarves! I filmed two turban looks with one of their ICONIC LIBERTY print scarves, specifically the Hera design, an a array of classic peacock feathers in gorgeous pink and blue hues.


It's freezing and I'm LOVING it. Winter time is exquisite and I can't quite get enough. My turban is wrapped a little different today, I've been experimenting in front of the mirror with some new twists! Keep a look out in the new year for different turban tying!

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You've barely seen me in anything occasional let alone a dress, so this recent look I wore is a bit of a treat.. for me more than anything hah. I'm wearing the INAYAH COLLECTION ZAREEN evening gown and their feather grey Georgette scarf that drapes oh so wonderfully, all available on of course.

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I've been missing on this blog since September, and even back then I'd say I was disappearing now and then. Hello and welcome back to my blog, the new year is around the corner and so here's my attempt at getting back 'on it.' As you may or may not know, this past year had me out of the country for the majority of it, I recently came back from a life changing month away in Indonesia and can safely say, it feels so good to be home.


So 1st day of the actual weekend event for #imfdf in toronto I decided to go for an all white look and keep it simple and most importantly as comfortable as possible with heels! Most of the day I was dodging food and makeup face hugs though hah!


Yaaasss my second day in toronto wearing a black and grey combo with a little ping of orange! I love how scarves can really make an outfit! This one in particular is also a sneaky peaky of whats to come from my collection inshallah!


I was in Toronto last week over the weekend for #imfdf and it was a blast! I only managed to capture a few of my looks so here's the first! I was unsure what the weather would be so I packed for spring! Turns out it was boiling, woops.


Got slightly excited over blue the other day. Can't say I didn't enjoy it though! Scarf: lazydoll Dress: boohoo Jeans: Topshop Slippers: Primark


So me and Sid the Squid went on a short break to Paris with another couple friend of ours Radwa and Marwan! It was lovely, we stayed in a two bedroom apartment we booked on air bnb! Did the usual touristy stuff but most of all just relaxed!

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I turned 1/4 of a century on June 6th and so did my twin obvsss. Twas a distressing time, but the zoo helped me take my mind off it , haha.


After a month or so of settling back into routine from travelling and hard work, we went for movie night! Sid has been major excited for the new godzilla movie, unfortunately it turned out to be a cheesy flop, but whatevs.. here's what we wore.

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Woopsie tis a little late but here it is.. anyway? Although this was back in May, in El Gouna, Egypt I feel like going back. So I'm sharing some pics with you for wishful thinking together.


Harems have been in and out of the fashion world or years, traditionally and culturally consistent of course and not to forget, compared to MC HAMMER PANTS and Aladdin.. ALWAYS! Personally they've always been a wardrobe staple for me for ANY season.