It’s not a colour I’d usually consider for a coat, but when you find something in the SALE, it sort of changes your rules a little. I’m talking about this very PINK and VERY creased coat I picked up in H&M over the xmas holidays! Why I didn’t iron this I’m yet to provide an excuse. It does look larger than the usual oversized even, but then again it is a size 18. You know what I’m like when it comes to getting things WAY too big. Even so, it’s keeping me warm so far all the way down to my ankles. So I’m not even slightly worried about the extra pair of hips it’s giving me in pictures!

I’m really going through a turban phase this winter, I just feel that for layering looks it’s working better for me. I’ve used this printed square scarf I picked up at a vintage store in Camden tied in the style I showed in ┬ámy most recent youtube tutorial. Along with a black silk/cotton tassel scarf launching soon as part of the new ‘DINA TORKIA’ collection I’ve been banging on about for the past six months. These will be in a range of colours and dye combinations, sold EXCLUSIVELY on

My black midi dress is GAP and my little ankle booties, CLARKS. Both also picked up in the sales! I’m really enjoying midi lengths this season with thick tights for coverage!

And finally, for those of you asking about my earrings that I seem to be wearing with everything… JOHN LEWIS.



DSC_1501 DSC_1503 DSC_1508 DSC_1509 DSC_1511 DSC_1512 DSC_1521 DSC_1528 DSC_1529 DSC_1533 DSC_1535

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  1. Zoya Ahmed

    November 22, 2015 3:59 pm

    i wish i had that exquisite scarf, i just love the print

  2. Audina

    August 21, 2017 4:11 am

    love the pink coat. so stunning on u Dina

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