I’m back!

Okay that was a short sentence, in case you hadn’t noticed I haven’t posted on my blog for MONTHS now. Basically, MONTHS ago I closed it down in the hopes of bringing it back with a fresh look a couple of weeks later.. that then turned into several weeks, which turned to a month and then the most part of a year! In between all of that, I fell pregnant and forgot about it completely!

If you follow me on social media (mainly instagram) you’ll know I was posting all of my maternity ‘style the bump’ looks on there. So, here I’ve  collated them for you in one nice big fat pregnant juicy post… rather than doing them all separately, because it’s a tad bit late for that now to be quite frank. This is not ALL of my pregnancy looks, but rather the ones I still had the images for.


I will now be making a consistent effort with my little blog and have plenty of new posts to work on for you as well as some oldies to look into & finally some new ‘MUMMY AND PREGNANCY’ content so please do visit regularly, if you fancy it anyway!

Kicking this post off with my earliest pregnancy looks (no one knew I was about 4 and a half months pregnant here) wearing one of my favourite looks. Funny how the simplest of looks usually turn out to be the best! A plain black look with the classic trick of ‘accessorizing’ to avoid ‘boring’ or ‘basic’ even.

preg2 preg3 preg4

Turban | plain black viscose scarf from any market Tassel scarf | Dina Torkia Black sweater | H&M Jeans | H&M Shoes | Aldo Bag | India ‘Banjara’ clutch


Okay next up we have this combination of boho/traveller/london summer kind of look! A lot of layering going on which proves slightly confusing with sandals and my great big toes hanging out, but don’t worry about it! As long as the overall look is…





preg8 Turban scarf | Dina Torkia Tassel ombre scarf | Dina Torkia Trench | boohoo Jeans | Topshop Sandals | Primark White Top | TKMAXX Clutch | Indian banjara clutch


Now for the ‘Adidas slides (beach or pool flip flops) pretty much trying to rock it in the city during a rainy summer’ look, has this outfit all summed up! Plus I’m not sure if white scarves really suit my complexion any more… sad times eh.


Scarf | Dina Torkia Jumper | Boohoo White top | TKMAXX Jeans | ZARA Slides | Adidas


Coming in at approximately five months pregnant, simple whites & stripes with a bit of flash in my silver shoesies. I love a bit of androgyny, even if it means just posing with my hands in my trouser pockets..

manly yaas.


Scarf | Dina Torkia Shirt | Alya Collections Chinos | ASOS Shoes | ZARA


Here’s me being lazy and taking just ONE outfit photo in my flipping living room. A tiny little spot of my living room in fact with blank wall space. YELLOW wall space might I add. FYI I needed white. HMPF #BLOGGERSTRUGGLES

Oh, and the second photo is me trying to make up for the location by adding some stupid flowers from a phone app filtering & sharpening way too much…

But still, at least flowers.

Shirt | H&M Trousers | H&M


I like this one a lot. It took me back to ‘Old Dina’ a Dina that was way too into vintage and oversized glasses. But I remember this phase of ‘Dina’ fondly, some of my most comfortable looks came from that phase. Plus the scenery is nice and bright.

Jacket | Vintage Jeans | H&M


Here I am at just over 6 months pregnant and my favourite pregnancy look by far! Probably because I don’t really look pregnant, just like I have a little podge from a few too many hob nobs perhaps.


preg23IMG_1600 IMG_1601

 Scarf | INAYAH Blazer | HM CONSCIOUS Dress | BOOHOO Shoes | ZARA Jewellery | Turkey
Scarf | INAYAH Blazer | HM CONSCIOUS Dress | BOOHOO Shoes | ZARA Jewellery | Turkey


Here’s a bit of that old ‘skool’ street style look for you with the TP graffiti wall and gangster posing. It’s gotta creep up into a fashion blog at least once a year right?! I just about squeezed myself into these jeans with the help of my maternity ‘expansion’ belt.

Also, Helloooo tan.

Scarf | Primark Grey peplum top | H&M White shirt | Boohoo Jeans | New look Sandals | clarks

IMG_2756 IMG_2751 IMG_2746 IMG_2742 IMG_2732 IMG_2729 IMG_2719 IMG_2725 IMG_2739 Scarf | Primark Grey peplum top | H&M White shirt | Boohoo Jeans | New look Sandals | clarks


Here’s my ‘Istanbul’ look, we’d just come back from a week long adventure in Turkey (adventure included shopping) ehem. Love their fashion and versatile pieces in almost every store I visited & the jewellery choice is insane! P.s. have you begun to notice each write up for every outift is gradually getting shorter and shorter…

Yea didn’t realise how long this post would take to put together!


IMG_1297 IMG_1299 IMG_1304 IMG_1306 Dress | Istanbul  Sandals | HM  Scarf | Dina Torkia  Jeans | River island  jewellery | Istanbul


The one post with the one twin that I do have! She rarely makes an appearance and when she does just know there was about an hours worth of convincing behind it! You should also know, a lot of my outfit posts consist of her wardrobe!

On to the look, pretty basic but STRONG I feel. Primary blue & red with black is pretty bold no?

IMG_2438 IMG_2421 IMG_2423 IMG_2427 IMG_2415 IMG_2414 IMG_2413 IMG_2419 IMG_2432 IMG_2430My look | Scarf | Dina Torkia  Denim jacket | ASOS TALL  Cropped trousers | HM  Sandals | HM  Black top | Boohoo

Her look | Scarf | TKMAXX  Top | Primark  Jeans | GAP  Sandals | Birkenstock



Dina the vintage lunatic is back in this outfit. I’ve had this khaki shirt dress for literally about three years just sitting around doing nothing until I decided it would work well to hide my then growing bump! I think I picked it up for about a tenner so… bargain! Originally it was sporting some mahoosive 80s shoulder pads which is probably what delayed me wearing it for a while (I felt like my top to bottom half body ratio was way out) until I decided to rip them off. Please do excuse the wrinkles, I thought I could attempt to make it look like they were supposed to be there, yes? No? Any one?

Also my backpack is theft proof from a company I love called High spirit, be sure to check them out & find out exactly what I mean by ‘theft proof!’

IMG_2348 IMG_2331 IMG_2339 IMG_2337 IMG_2338 IMG_2343 IMG_2345

Dress shirt | Vintage  Trousers | River Island  Shoes | ZARA  Sunnies | HM


The only thing I can remember about this look is needing comfort. Pretty much grabbed the three most comfortable items in my wardrobe at the time, not really thinking about colour or style fitting together! Having said that, I think it worked out well!

IMG_2848 IMG_2847

IMG_2857 IMG_2856 IMG_2843 IMG_2840 IMG_2839Scarf | Hijab ista  Top | HM  Trousers | INAYAH  Sandals | TKMAXX  Pink scarf | HM


Something a tad fancier than my usual, a rarity from me. I believe the seventh month of pregnancy had just hit here & it was my sister in laws wedding week! This is what I wore to her mehndi ‘hen do’ but south east asian version basically! I wanted to wear something traditional originally but after hours of scouring through the likes of Lady pool road and Alum rock in birmingham & buying TWO suits, coming home and trying them out properly in the comfort of my own mirror and I still wasn’t satisfied with how ‘fat’ they made me feel. So instead I rummaged through my wardrobe and found this stunning kaftan dress I was given by a designer based in Dubai called ‘asmachaptidadabhoy’ during my visit to Toronto last year! Cinched in at the waist with a home made belt last minute & I was sold, it helps that the ladies at AAB had just sent me this lovely two tone chiffon scarf that coincidentally matched perfectly too!

IMG_2509 IMG_2508 IMG_2505 IMG_2510 IMG_2511 IMG_2512 IMG_2500 IMG_2487 IMG_2498Dress | Asma chapti dadabhoy  Clutch | fcuk  Heels | New Look  Scarf | AAB


Keeping to the ‘fancy shmancy’ theme, this is the look I decided on for my sister in laws wedding day. Again, the traditional suits just wasn’t cutting it for styling my bump and so I got creative and made myself something instead. Picked up this curtain fabric of course from fancy fabrics in Birmingham £5 a metre (win win situation) and I accessorized the look with traditional Asian jewellery that I got from Rupali online web store. I added a white shirt underneath just for that crisp collar look & some pastel pink mesh to give the bottom half a fuller look and peep my little heels through! Also really made an effort with my face that night… please notice this.

Really struggling to find an excuse other than ‘ I was enjoying myself too much ‘ for the lack of lovely scenery that these photos were taken in. Bad light, dirty lifts & green signs just don’t cut it when you’ve been blogging this long.


IMG_2565 IMG_2564 IMG_2561 IMG_2559


Dress | Self made  Accessories | Ruplaionline  Scarf | INAYAH


Back to causal sometimes frump Dina…

Not really sure what I was thinking with this look. A mix of new pieces for me paired with the oldest chinos on this planet found in my mums wardrobe (I was staying in Cardiff at the time). This always happens when I’m in Cardiff visiting, my looks come out kind of half arsed, excuse my french – lish. Possibly because I can never be bothered to pack anything and resort to wearing old things I find in my old room with a bit of new things I leave there on my last visit!

IMG_2891 IMG_2888 IMG_2885 IMG_2883

Scarf | Primark  Jacket | ZARA  Chinos | ZARA Sandals | TKMAXX White top | HM


Surprisingly, this is a Cardiff look. It happened by accident and the reason it’s a surprise is because it’s actually pretty decent if you ask me.What does ‘it’ is the contrast of white with the gorgeous deep tones of that vintage scarf around my neck.

Again, simple is best.

IMG_0113 IMG_0111 IMG_0112 IMG_0110 IMG_0098 IMG_0105



Scarf | vintage Top | INAYAH Jeans | ZARA Shoes | ZARA Bag | ZARA


The one with the TP coffee pictures, YAY for being a certified fashion blogger (coffee pictures make you that FYI). I took these shots in Bullring carpark, a lot of you seemed to recognise this when they were uploaded on my instagram page. Thanks guys for baiting me out like that, nice one.

preg30 preg25 preg24 preg27 preg29 preg26

Khaki shirt | TKMAXX White top | Jakarta Jeans | River Island Shoes | ZARA Bag | Knomo London Necklace | PYRRHA



Another fancy, should have really stuck this underneath the previous fancies. Story behind this look, it was Rima’s wedding day! Rima, for those of you who don’t know is a good friend of mine, also a couture designer and it just so happens that we met because I asked her to make my Walima dress!

Before you jump to attack at my all white outfit at some one elses wedding, Rima actually asked her bridesmaids to wear all white to compliment her woodland theme. I actually really struggle finding a look for my bridesmaids role, one that would compliment my now 8 month bump as well as being dressy enough for a wedding but not too dressy for the outdoor woodland theme. I also had to consider that part of the wedding was outdoor and with this UK weather, one cannot always be sure of sunshine, and so footwear was a problem. Basically heels = NO.

On my head I styled some raw silk fabric into a turban and sported some bold face to go with the shiny shimmer of the fabric. For the top I chose a kimono style and opted for a super flowy non figure hugging skirt, that was actually a halter neck dress turned skirt by me, to avoid bulking under my top! The neckline of the top wasn’t ‘dressy uppy’ enough and so I made a lace collar out of some old net curtains to fit snuggly underneath and creep up my neck ever so elegantly. I didn’t manage a photo of my shoes but they were actually flat silver sparkly dolly shoes.

preg36 preg33 preg34 preg32 preg31 preg38 preg39 preg40 preg42 preg41 preg37 preg35

Scarf | Raw silk fabric | Dress | asos Top | Topshop Clutch | Dorothy Perkins Jewellery | Dorothy perkins Earrings | Swarovski


Gosh I haven’t tied my turban like this in what seems a lifetime! I kind of miss it, it’ll have to come back. Here i’m wearing a gorgeous silk kaftan from ‘Afroda14’ and my new favourite shoes that I keep telling myself I will wear more but so far they’ve only had the pleasure of meeting my soles twice.

Sad face.

Btw, the designer also picked out a Liberty print fabric and that’s what the turban is made of, yay.

afroda afroda2

Scarf & Kaftan | Afroda14 Jeans | FCUK  Shoes | Aldo


Here’s a look from my recent weekend away to London before little Hana came along. I was sent this gorgeous linen jacket by LILYAIYA, pretty perfect for bump styling actually. You can’t see in the pictures but the back is an open feature which gives it the perfect A line shape to skim straight over those bump curves. Styled my turban into a super old school look here too, which I’ve been enjoying quite a lot recently especially as the weather gets colder.

DSC_0448 DSC_0372 DSC_0368 DSC_0443 DSC_0367 DSC_0366

Jacket | LILYAIYA STUDIO Jeans | FCUK  Shoes | ZARA  Scarf | HM


Beware, the tongue sticking out pose has hit. Not my usual face I must emphasize but on this particular day it seems the excitement of looking like a walking polar bear, I could not contain! It’s all thanks to Sid that the polar bear reference has emerged, his thinking not mine. Not sure what the hell happened to my face is photo numero 2 and 4, slightly on the simpson side though.

Also here’s a little tip, my jumper is on back to front, I do that with A LOT of my tops. Gives a little more neck/shoulder coverage and hangs nicer I find.

preg48 preg51 preg50 preg49 preg52 preg54 preg53 preg57 preg58 preg59 preg56

Both scarves | Dina Torkia  Jumper | HM   Trousers | ASOS  Shoes & bag | ZARA


Here’s another look from my weekend away in London. Super girly compared to my usual casual day to say looks. I quite enjoyed being more lady like actually and the older i get the more feminine I feel like dressing.

IMG_4075 IMG_4076

Scarf | INAYAH Waistcoat | ZARA  Top | ZARA  Jeans | BERSHKA Shoes & bag | ZARA


The most obvious of my maternity looks, if not the most fitting! Loved the idea of this ‘maternity countdown’ shirt.’ The perfect solution for a gift to a pregnant friend you might have!

preggooo pregooooo

Leather Jacket | vero moda Trousers | GAP  Sandals | HM Countdown T shirt | ‘Put a bird on it shop’


Blooming in blue, I’m calling this. I was feeling HUGE here and resorted to wearing one of the oldest blazers I own. But seriously, when was the last time I wore a blazer? Having said that I think I’m really in need of some updated ones. I almost feel as if this look shouldn’t be posted..

hmmm ?

IMG_0283 IMG_0266 IMG_0284

Bag | ZARA Blazer & top | HM Jeans | HM Shoes | DUNE


Here’s to the time I collaborated with MIMU MAXI a Jewish sister company based in NY. And here’s to women supporting and empowering one another whatever their differences, beliefs and backgrounds. We are stronger together than alone.

mimu2 mimu1 mimu4 mimu5 mimu3

Outfit | MIMU MAXI


When my husband styled me, head to toe. A car crash waiting to happen, and then it happened. Turned out it wasn’t as lethal as expected.

IMG_0431 IMG_0423 IMG_0419 IMG_0418

Scarf | Dina Torkia Jacket | TKMAXX Tops | Primark Trousers | Boohoo Shoes | Nine west


I call this ‘woman in black’ because well I’m in black. One of those grey days when you have no patience for your bump or your brain telling you to look half decent and so you resort to all black and then it turns out all black was pretty much super decent.

And breathe.

Also, this peplum is worn inside out, it’s originally purple. Teehee.

IMG_3921 IMG_3938 IMG_3926 IMG_3925 IMG_3928 IMG_3934 IMG_3907

Top | HM Bag | knomo london Shoes | Also Jeans | River Island Shades | AM Eyewear


This look happened literally two days before I gave birth, 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant here. And so i bring you the last of my maternity looks. A look by Riva fashion. The perfect transition from Autumn to Winter.

IMG_0597 IMG_0594 IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0584 IMG_0583 IMG_0581 IMG_0576 IMG_0567 IMG_0540

Jacket & denim | RIVA Shoes | Aldo Bag | ZARA


And this concludes my ‘style the bump’ post, finally! Almost ten months worth of outfits all in one, and if you’re still here you deserve a medal but instead please let me know what you think in the comment section.

Pregnancy and pregnant women come with such a stigma of being, dressing or turning into ‘walking talking penguin frumps.’ I was so worried I would hate being pregnant, seriously struggle with how I look, dealing with what to wear and was absolutely terrified of the inevitable amount of weight people told me I would put on during it. Somehow though it was completely the opposite for me. I found I enjoyed dressing during pregnancy more than ever before (minus those last few weeks when you constantly feel full and want nothing more than to roll around everywhere, or even better, nowhere).

I’m not sure if it’s because I made a conscious effort to attempt staying fit and healthy and not use my pregnancy as an excuse to stuff my gob with anything that came into my sight or not. Don’t get me wrong, at least two days a week I indulged and devoured until my heart and tummy were content, but for the most part of my pregnancy I worked out, remained active and ate well. I also ensured to make more of an effort with my appearance, so I would help myself stay away from depression. When you look good you feel good, and that worked for me for the most part.

So as scared of pregnancy and delivery as I was, I realised I really didn’t need to be, it’s what comes after those 4o weeks in that ‘4th trimester’ that you should really be ‘scared’ of and really prepare for, well for me anyway.

But, let’s not put a downer on an upbeat post and so, I’ll leave that for my next.





  1. Yvonne Dzifa

    November 17, 2015 1:33 pm

    Welcome back Dina, What a surprise post! Looking forward to more! Congrats again! I am not muslim but I love your modesty fashion! A different style for women to try.

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    I’m happy that you are back to business xo

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    You look sooo beautiful while you were pregnant mashallah! Good luck with the mum life! Xx

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    I absolutely LOVE your fashion sense…. I absolutely LOVED the dress you created for you sister inlaws wedding, it’s really elegant! 🙂

    Really enjoyed this blog!
    Keep it going Dina!!

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    I’ve been following your YouTube and instagram for a while now (almost two years!!). My favorite youtuber and “fashionista” I would say. So happy your blog is back which means more Dina !!! yay!!! haha

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    Wow Dina, You look so beautiful in every look, I think your the only one that can make pregnancy look o stylish lol .. Cant wait for more blogs & mummy vlogs ? Congratulations to you & Sid , May Allah swt bless your little family …
    Ameen … oxoxox

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    LOVE! ❤️❤️❤️

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    November 22, 2015 4:50 pm

    Welcome back… U made pregnancy look beautiful! I wish I had put some effort when I was pregnant. I’m a new mom as well, enjoy these days as much with Hana,cuz they are gone grow up so fast. It’s gonna be tough, with many sleepless nights, even depression, but take everything slow and enjoy every moment. May Allah bless you, and shower you with blessing, and let Hana be the coolness to urs n sids eyes.. I wish you all the best. Take care xoxo

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    Firstly, welcome back!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading that and you’ve definitely given me some inspiration for some super cute looks (and I’m not even pregnant). Anytime I’d think “that’s my favorite outfit.” I’d keep scrolling to another look and think “okay no, that’s my favorite.” Love love love everything you put together. I’ve been following you for years and it’s so crazy to see how you’ve transformed and evolved from “lazy doll” to “Dina Torkia”. You are incredibly inspiring and beautiful. Can’t wait to read everything you share with us.

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    Welcome back Dina! You look amazing in ALL your pregnancy looks mashAllah. I’ve been watching your vids for four years now (and you actually gave me the confidence to wear a hijab three years ago!) Your style just gets better and better! Hope you’re doing well with mum life. I have an 11 week old bub and she’s my first so I know exactly how hard it is!! Stay positive and it’ll get better soon InshaAllah xx

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  25. Kamelia Dennaoui

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  27. Loll

    November 23, 2015 12:15 am

    Hi Dina! Masha’Allah loved all your looks and your pregnancy glow 🙂 very inspirational. I love how the styles discreetly hide the bump. Glad you’re back and are able to blog, it helps keep sanity whilst hormones/emotions are all over the place (along with baby nappies and sleep lol).

    I became a new mum 6 months ago, and it’s true what you said about the “4th trimester”. Funnily enough throughout pregnancy all I talked about was the birth and not much past that. It is overwhelming (but rewarding), however it does get easier insha’Allah and they become more fun 🙂 watching them grow is amazing masha’Allah. For now, enjoy being able to watch her without her trying to move about or escape lol. Do try and get rest, especially when she’s asleep (everything else can wait!). Coz if you’re sleep deprived you won’t be able to look after her as well. Make sure Sid takes her for a few hours too while u have some alone time! Expressed milk comes in handy for those times 😉

    Good luck and may Rabena make things easy for you both! Can’t wait to see more posts/videos insha’Allah. Sending virtual hugs and prayers for your family. Allah ye7fazko. You are doing a great job mama 😉 xx

  28. Nazli Jacobs Basardien

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    Welcome Back!
    Love your style,always have and always will.
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    I think you upped the anti during your pregnancy and this was an amazing post.

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    I LOVED your look with the kaftan at your sister-in-laws henna night, that’s my favourite look and I think those colours are the best for you, pale pink, beige and all, perfect on you! And to be honest, you don’t seem pregnant for most of these pictures, and managed to be classy! If one day I am pregnant, I wish I could be as beautiful and classy as you inshAllah!! Congrats for your baby 🙂

  30. Ruba

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    Hi Dina,

    I’ve been following you for a few years now and I think it’s great the looks you come up with and the ideas you give to other hijabi women. I am a fan of most of your looks, preganancy and otherwise! And even the ones that are not my personal style, I still applaud your efforts and think your great! Keep it up 🙂

  31. Elizabeth

    November 24, 2015 12:08 am

    Your looks are always fun but still polished. I love how innovative you are- turning shirts inside out or backwards to give them a new shape or color! You have a true gift for style and you’re one of my ultimate fashion inspirations! Keep rocking it, Dina xoxo

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  33. Soumaya

    December 2, 2015 7:14 am

    Hi Dina,

    Firstly I want to say congrats on your new bundle of joy! I’ve been following you and watching your YouTube tutorials for about over a year now and I absolutely love everything! I tell everyone to follow you ! (Creepy huh!? Haha) I have been struggling to wear the hijab but ever since I’ve been following you I’am starting to have the confidence to wear it inshallah ! You have such great taste in fashion and lifestyle that inspires everyone. Your vids always make me smile/ laugh and I always look forward to reading your posts. Your bubbly personality shines through and makes everyone’s day 🙂
    You always look amazing keep up the great work !& All the best with parenthood !!!

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  36. Adler

    March 26, 2016 3:22 am

    The male model standing with you should be changed.He is not looking perfect with you as he has no grace at all.

    You are also charging your profit too heavy on Scarves as I have already come across the producer of those Scarves in India and already working with the guys but they really charge very nominal rates for these Scarves.

    • Monika

      October 11, 2017 2:47 pm

      Use translator more carefully, because your words makes no sense! Cheers!

  37. Pascale

    June 28, 2016 12:07 am

    Your outfits are FLY! So on point! I love your style!

  38. Diana LORA USA

    July 9, 2016 3:28 am

    Diana !!! Just love you style !!! Just wish the American ‘s can learn your ‘fashion’ what class ?

  39. Golserain

    December 26, 2016 11:09 am

    Dear Dina,
    I love your style, but tell me how do you do your turban as I want to do it and I don’t know how.

  40. Monika

    March 7, 2017 1:47 pm

    Hi Dina,
    I wonder how you managed to wear regular pants during your pregnancy, any tips?

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