Logo revival

This year we saw sportswear take the lead in fashion , people were swapping more outerwear styles for relaxed sportswear looks, the great thing about this trend is that its gender fluid, big vintage brands had their time to step back in and take over. Brands like Champion, Kappa, and Ellesse were seen to revealing new collections and collaborations which became sold out upon release. Nike also released a vintage capsule of clothes, along with other brands following in their footsteps. I don’t doubt we haven’t seen the back of this trend, and I happy to see it stay.

Photo Credit : Urban Outfitters.com


Tiny sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses definitely had their time to shine this year, with fashion houses such as Balenciaga, and Calvin Klein coming though in the mix and bringing their alternatives to the run way. And we can’t deny we still love them? This trend still has a lot more time to do its round as i don’t think we are fed up of the shade yet. Until Kim Kardashian says its over it isn’t over. Right guys?

Photo Credit : Vogue.com


One of my favourite trends of this season has to be the sportswear trend, so casual but so smart when bringing in staple pieces. All of the sportswear brands were forced to push their product in a Fashion direction, and many did not fail. Street style and fashion week seen sportswear take the leading reins, I’m  not sure we’ve seen the back of this trend yet, as what more would you want than comfort and looking good? Although the sports trend is not for everyone its definitely for me. Some of my favourite brands who just classically bring good clothing are, Nike, North Face, Champion, Supreme.

Photo Credit : Vogue.com


XXXXL Tailoring

Checking sizing labels on clothes is so last year, this year it was all about ‘the bigger the better’ bigger clothes for me means more comfort. Bigger sweats and coats are always the only way to wear and buy clothing right? But we did see garments being made extra oversized to accommodate this trend, and I have no complaints.

Photo Credit : Skepta (Instagram)


Animal Print

Lets not forget animal print had its time to shine this year also, and its still going strong both in high fashion and the high street. One of my favourite trends this year has to be animal print, clashing animal prints give everyone a chance to experiment and be daring with prints which is what fashion is all about right?


Photo Credit : Vogue.com


Tailoring seems to be a classic trend, which comes back every year with a edgy twist, this year we seen tailoring teamed with chunky trainers and bum bags. Adding heels to tailored looks makes them more glamorous when adding trainers gives a more street vibe. Adding a pair of chunky trainers to a pristine tailored suit, ultimately is one of the best looks to come out of 2018, and I don’t think we will see this trend come to a halt just yet, as its timeless throughout every year.

Photo Credit : Vogue.com